The 2022 spring grant applications are available by clicking on GrantApplications.  If you are not able to print an application you can request one by clicking on the contact tab to request one by email, regular mail, or come by the office and pick one up.  Applications will need to be submitted no later than April 29, 2022.




Charles D. Cole, President

Alma Cornett, Secretary

Bobbie Gothard, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Charles D. Cole

Alma Cornett

Bobbie Gothard

Roger Roper

Chris Hogue

Welcome, Shelia Dixon who will be taking over for Bobbie Gothard who stepped down as grant administrator and became a board member of the Frazier Foundation, LLC.

The Frazier Foundation, Inc. thanked Bobbie for her many years working as Grant Administrator.  She will be taking the place of Vera Ison who served many years and has since retired.