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The key to success is a college education

The number and amount of scholarships awarded will depend on the number of accepted applications.  However, all applicants who are accepted and awarded the Tri-City Scholarship will receive a minimum of $1,000.
This is a one-time only scholarship and will only be awarded to seniors graduating in the year the application is submitted, who have attended Cumberland Elementary School and are graduating from Harlan County High School, have passing grades, do not have poor attendance (excessive tardiness, high absenteeism, and/or truancy), and have submitted a complete application.  The goal of the scholarship is to assist as many students as possible from the Tri-City area of Cumberland, Benham, and Lynch Kentucky with affording college/technical/trade school. 

All money awarded will be given to the college/technical/trade school the applicant attends in the summer/fall following the application deadline and will not be given directly to the applicant (exemptions can be made but require approval by the Tri-City Scholarship committee). 

If an applicant fails to attend/enroll in a college/technical/trade school or fails to submit the required information by August 31st of the calendar year following the application deadline all money awarded to the applicant will be forfeited.  Please note that the funds are limited and that approval or denial will be based on the merits of the application and determined by the Tri-City Scholarship Fund Committee. 

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 29, 2024. 

Graduating Students
College Students
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